A porcelain piece often takes up the pattern or concept of simplicity or elegancy. DinFi breaks through the crowd and steps up to create unique crafts and porcelain pieces with quality artistry to be found nowhere. We are greatly inspired by various artists, artworks, and music. Ballet and other forms of dances inspired us the main importance of delicacy within art pieces. As delicacy is combined along with strength and power, artistic, yet graceful porcelain pieces are formed into theme-based products we strive to multiply and develop. Traditional and modern dances are beautiful, mesmerizing products of art. As a ballerina flutters and twists her delicate waist along with two arms stretched outwards in her direction, we can emotionally develop the true sense of artistic movements. We apply the artistic moves and the beauty of traditional and modern dances into our work, hoping once our porcelain pieces are being showcased, the delicacy and artistry of our products can be seen clearly. Various artists and world happenings inspired our craftsmen and artists to create stunning porcelain pieces with broad contexts. As we believe that our products are of use to all purposes whether it is for house purposes or kitchen use, we strive to use our artistic inspirations to create original pieces and products that are one of a kind. As we are greatly inspired by music, dances, and other artistic factors, our porcelain pieces portray and express the mixed feelings and senses of simplicity or complex artistry combined with delicacy and originality. Our craftsmen and artists strive to as well create inspirable porcelain pieces to showcase their talents, abilities, and their passion to create beauty within their own two hands. Further inspired by many heroes in the past decades and centuries, we strive to create porcelain pieces resistant to harms and build in strong capabilities to give off translucency and stand against high temperature firing processes.